Windpower Wednesday Photograph of the Day

I took this picture from the plane few minutes before we landed in Chicago. This is somewhere in Illinois. The clouds were moving fast as were we. I took a glimpse of the rest of the wind turbines before the clouds covered them again with their white fluffiness. Wind generated electricity is our hope for a better future. I am glad I see more and more wind turbines and solar panels anywhere I go. I

“Photography helps me understand the complexity of the world around me. It is a means of communication and a way of expressing my point of view. Through photography I show my artistic vision of sometimes the unseen or underestimated beauty surrounding us. I love shooting nature, animal life and my family. I love experimenting with light, motion and different subjects. Most of all, I push myself into creating images without the use of any digital software or gimmicks.”

7minutesolar Solar Sunday and Wind Power Wednesday Photos of the Day

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