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A native of Bulgaria, Jassen Todorov is a violinist and music professor at San Francisco State University. He’s also a pilot and a member of National Geographic’s Your Shot community, regularly sharing photographs taken from his four-seater plane.

“In my twenties, I was freaking out about being able to find a job” as a musician, Todorov laughs. “So I thought, ‘What if I became a pilot?’ Well, I did, and I haven’t looked back.”

But he’s certainly looked down. “It opens up a whole new world,” he says. “Flying from point A to point B, there’s so much to discover in between…it’s just a matter of looking and realizing ‘Oh my god, this is incredible, I better photograph this.’” (Meet another Your Shot photographer documenting climate change.)

Todorov started intentionally documenting both the good and the bad: he saw fascinating renewable energy installations, but also oil spills, Superfund sites, and massive pools of toxic waste.

“Everybody’s trying their best, I think—solar power plants and wind turbines are being built all over,” Todorov points out. “They’re beautiful to look at from above; some of them are very futuristic. Knowing that they’re for clean and renewable energy just makes you happier—there is hope!

This Windpower Wednesday Photo of the Day is by Jassen Todorov – not only  an award winning photographer whose images have been featured in numerous publications, but also an active pilot and concert violinist whom the British string music journal The Strad has described as “an outstanding violinist of rare technical ability” 

The photo was taken from the air, obviously, above Rio Vista, California at sunset.


Maybe why the shot caught your eye.
Is it something you had seen while flying before and wanted to get a photograph of?
The topography is fascinating in this. Are there many windmills nestled among hills or are these the only two?

More about Jassen Todorov

Jassen’s images have been published and featured in National Geographic, the Guardian, Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail, Metro, Daily Mirror and Digital Photographer (UK), Los Angeles Times, Wired, Weather Channel, NPhoto, PDN, Bing, Yahoo, Figaro, GEO, L’Obs and LaDepeche (France), News and Terra Mater (Austria), Corriere della Sera (Italy), Dainik Bhaskar and Better Photography (India), China News Service, CCTV and Xinhua News (China), among others, and exhibited at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (USA), the Somerset House and the Heathrow Express, London (UK), Kuala Lumpur Publika (Malaysia) and the Port of Thessaloniki (Greece).

An active pilot and flight instructor, he specializes in aerial photography, featuring both popular and remote parts of the world. Recent awards include First Places in the 2017 & 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards, Third Place in the 2017 International Photographer of the Year (IPOTY), First Place in the 2016 Tokyo International Foto Awards, Winner in the 2016 PDN World in Focus Awards, First Place in the 2015 International Photography Awards (New York) and Second Place in the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards-US Open Category (London).

In August 2015, he served as a Guest Editor in the National Geographic’s Your Shot From Above Assignment.

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Jassen’s Music

Jassen Todorov has distinguished himself as one of the most prominent violinists of his generation. Dubbed “an outstanding violinist…a player to watch” by the British music journal The Strad, Mr. Todorov has given numerous performances throughout Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. He is also an active performer in his native Bulgaria, where he is considered one of the country’s most prized musicians.

With a repertoire including works from all styles and epochs, Mr. Todorov has recorded the complete sonatas of Bach, Brahms and Ysaye, as well as Beethoven’s Sonatas Nos. 6 and 10. The Strad described him as “a violinist of rare technical ability…he brings musicality to his performances…his left hand is able to deliver Ysaye’s demands in the many mercurial passages with commendable accuracy” and the American Record Guide portrayed it as “high praise…an important release for admirers of Ysaye’s music.”

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