Wind Power Wednesday Photo of the Day: March 7, 2018

This gripping Wind Power Wednesday POTD from the top of a wind turbine was taken by Keith Arkins, who specializes in shooting renewable energy projects and has a stunning portfolio of shots on his website. Taken in Pincher Creek, Alberta for Mainstream Renewable Power’s first Canadian project. The facility is now owned by IKEA to help power its Canadian operations.

The image was taken on top of the nacelle (the cover that houses the generator, drivetrain and brake of a turbine) of a 100 metre tall Siemens 2.3MW wind turbine at the Oldman 2 wind farm near Pincher Creek, Alberta beside the neighbouring Oldman Reservoir.

The area was stunning, mainly flat prairie lands dotted with small rolling hills and the impressive Rockies on the horizon. Herds of white-tailed deer passing through the wind farm and surrounding farms were a regular sight each day.

As a regular climber of wind turbines, I knew that the view from the top of a turbine would be even more stunning,  especially if we got the sun rising above the prairies. I scouted the location in advance to choose which turbine would give the best view, based on the sun’s position at first light, as well as the wind forecast which would dictate the direction the turbine would be pointing at by 5am.

All that was need then was a 3:45AM wake up call and an obliging wind technician who was willing to start work earlier than normal. Fortunately I received  both.

As this was my first time in Canada, I was enamoured with the locals, both the residents and the technicians working on the wind farm. I found everyone to be incredibly friendly and helpful, and keen to strike up a conversation once they heard my Irish accent. On one occasion after I accidentally wandered on to neighbouring land to get a better view of the wind farm, the owner approached me and within a minute was suggesting the best restaurants to eat at, as well as inviting me to join his family for dinner during my stay“.

About Keith Arkins

Keith Arkins is a commercial photographer specializing in the Renewable Energy, Industrial and Corporate sectors. Shooting professionally for over 19 years, he works with both photography and film to deliver the results his clients require in an ever-changing fast paced environment.

Drawing on his experience of working for the top public relations, portrait and commercial photography firms in the UK and Ireland, he has developed a signature style that compliments his clients’ projects.

He collaborates directly with companies, brand agencies and PR firms, and to date has completed assignments throughout Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.

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Photography by Keith Arkins
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