Toyota not a car maker, Repsol not an oil company, taxi and car bans

Toyota Motors President at AGM: I have decided to “redesign” Toyota from a car-making company into a mobility company.

May 9, 2018
At the presentation of its year-end financial results, Toyota Motors President Akio Toyoda has these words about where the company and the auto industry is headed:

As I have been saying on various occasions, the automotive industry is now hurtling into an era of profound transformation, the likes of which come only once every 100 years. With even our rivals and the rules of competition also changing, a life-or-death battle has begun in a world of unknowns.

Technology companies, who are our new rivals, with speed many times greater than our own and backed by abundant funding, are continuing to aggressively invest in new technologies.

He continued:

I would like to share with you my resolve in embarking on our battles in a world of unknowns.

I have decided to “redesign” Toyota from a car-making company into a mobility company. A mobility company is a company that provides services related to movement for people around the world.

The significance in this is that it represents a fork in our current path of adherence to convention as well as the choice of a future in which the path is created by one’s own hands.

I view this once-in-a-century era of profound transformation, the likes of which come only so often, as a major opportunity, and I approach it as an endeavor to create a new future ourselves with unprecedented speed and imagination.

This battle is not being fought for our own sake. It is a battle for building a future society of mobility and for putting smiles on people’s faces in the future.

By all means, I humbly request your support as we take up new challenges.
»» Read the full transcript of Mr. Toyoda’s speech Repsol Takes A Significant Step Towards Clean Energy

May 16, 2018 By Tsvetana Paraskova
Repsol future energy prices graphSpain’s oil and gas company Repsol will stop pursuing production growth in its upstream oil and gas division as it is getting ready for the energy transition, Bloomberg reports, quoting a person familiar with the plans, in what would be a first such move by a primarily oil and gas company.

Repsol will unveil a revised business plan in June that would cap its future oil and gas production at the current levels and would prohibit it from keeping more than eight years of oil and gas reserves on its books, according to Bloomberg’s source.

In this post from British social entrepreneur and writer Jeremy Leggatt, he notes that he predicted this evolution in oil company thinking back in 2015:

In January 2015 I predicted that one major oil company would turn its back on fossil fuels “in the near future” (I told the journalist 3 years). I had a phased withdrawal plan in mind though – a large scale version of what Dong subsequently did. Repsol’s action is a freeze. Prediction: it will turn into a total retreat plan.

The graph is from Mr. Leggatt’s blog, which he in turn grabbed from Repsol’s management presentation to 2018 AGM. It shows future energy costs. Eolica is wind. Solar is solar.

Shenzhen to replace all taxis with EVs by end of 2018

May 16, 2018
The city of Shenzen in China has already moved its entire bus fleet – some 16,500 vehicles – to all-electric power.  North America is trying to catch up in the bus world, but Colin Mckerracher of Bloomberg New Energy Finance tweeted this about how Shenzhen continues to lead the charge in all vehicle electrification.

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World Economic Forum: Oslo and 12 other cities that are starting to ban cars

March 2, 2018 by Leanna Garfield

Germany’s highest administrative court ruled that, in an effort to improve urban air quality, cities can ban cars from some streets. 

But German cities are not the only ones getting ready to take the car-free plunge. Urban planners and policy makers around the world have started to brainstorm ways that cities can create more space for pedestrians and lower CO2 emissions from diesel.

Oslo plans to permanently ban all cars from its city center by 2019 — six years before Norway’s country-wide ban would go into effect.

Images: Toyota concept car: Toyota; Oslo: AlexvonGutthenbach-Lindau; Icons: made by Freepik from

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