Toyota Mirai Chief Engineer Says Musk’s Right About Electric Cars

Toyota has sold only 4,300 hydrogen-powered Mirais with more Tesla Model S’  sold in the U.S. in September than Mirais across the globe in over two years. Also compare the Mirai’s sales figures to that of the Toyota Prius, which has sold about 4 million copies globally thus far. The Prius Prime (PHEV), which is a global leader for EV sales, hit 16,682 copies sold in the U.S. as of this October.

Nonetheless, Toyota is standing behind fuel-cell technology. The automaker believes that even though EVs are better, there’s still a place in the market for FCVs.

Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada told Reuters: “We don’t really see an adversary ‘zero-sum’ relationship between the EV (electric vehicle) and the hydrogen car. We’re not about to give up on hydrogen electric fuel-cell technology at all.”

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Photo: Toyota Mirai (Toyota)

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