This coal plant being demolished is even better put to music

We edited some video of the iconic smoke stacks being demolished at the Nanticoke Generating Station with Richard Strauss’ iconic Blue Danube Waltz. The results, we think, are…poetic.

When it was opened in the early 1970s the Nanticoke Generating Station In Ontario, Canada was the largest coal burning electrical station in the world. It was shuttered in 2013 and it’s 60m/200′ stacks demolished via implosion on February 28, 2018.

Because it was situated right on the banks of the north shore of Lake Erie, the smoke stacks were a navigation landmark, visible for miles.

All gone. Along with the 35,000 tonnes of coal it burned per day.  That is at its peak, so let’s take a lowball figure of 20,000 tonnes and multiply that by 365 days by 40 years (the plant was closed it 2013) and you come up with 292 million – let’s call it 300 MILLION tonnes of coal – over the life time of the facility: 3 BILLION kilograms of coal, 6 billion pounds.

To be replaced with beautiful, clean solar

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) who operated the Nanticoke plant, is going through the final details of putting in a 200,000 panel 44MegaWatt solar facility that is planned to be opened in 2019, although there are some administrative delays.

Mike Martelli, President of Renewable Generation and Power Marketing at OPG told CTV news: We are in partnership with the Six Nations of Grand River and we’re shovel ready”. Six Nations archeological monitors were on site during the environmental assessment period.

Equivalent to taking all the cars off Ontario roads

The solar facility is slated to operate for 20 years. Ontario’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Chris Ballard says ending the use of coal for power generation was equivalent to taking seven million cars off Ontario roads. Not bad, considering the province had about 8 million cars registered in 2016, according to Statistics Canada.

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