The Power Plant Of The Future Is Here. It’s In Your Home

From the World Economic Forum:

The price of solar power has fallen dramatically in the past four decades.

The cost of batteries is also falling, driven by economies of scale and technology improvements.

However, there are seasonal variations in solar power and there is no battery technology today that can economically store enough electricity for weeks of blackouts, let alone months.

Individuals who wish to be independent from the grid will need a complement to their home solar panels. Is it possible to scale down a power plant to the size of a home?

As it turns out, most homes already have half of a miniaturized power plant. Electricity is just a part of our daily energy consumption – we also need heat to keep us warm.

Now, technologies are becoming available to complete the rest of a miniaturized power plant. This is called micro-combined heat and power (CHP). Micro-CHP generates both electricity and heat simultaneously at the size of a home. The heat meets the demand for space heating and hot water, while the electricity provides power for home appliances.

Read more about it on the World Economic Forum website
Written by Tony Pan,Chief Executive Officer, Modern Electron
Photo: Scott Webb on Unsplash

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