Tesla opens solar pop-ups in Home Depots

Tesla has announced that it will open branded solar pop-up shops in 800 Home Depots in the United States.


  • Shops/kiosks will sell PowerWall batteries and Tesla solar panels
  • Some locations will have demonstrations.
  • Shops will not sell Tesla solar roof tiles. Roofs will continue to be sold only through the Tesla site.
  • Bloomberg reports that there is discussion about selling the roof technology in Home Depot.
  • Bloomberg also reports talks underway between Tesla and Lowe’s, although a Lowe’s representative is quoted at  CNBC as saying: “We don’t have any plans to carry the products at this time.
  • Some Tesla kiosks have already opened in Southern California. Next locations planned are Las Vegas and Orlando.
  • Home Depot has 2,200 stores in the U.S., About 100 in Mexico, 182 in Canada. There is no indication Tesla kiosks will be in stores outside the U.S.
  • Tesla cars will not be sold at Home Depot
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