SolarShare Purchases Ontario Community Centre system

From the SolarShare December, 2017 Newsletter:

SolarShare is excited to be taking ownership of this 100 kW system which is located on the rooftop of the Dr. Nelson F. Tomlinson Community Centre in Claremont, Ontario. It was built by Solera Energies and was co-owned by Solera, renewable energy co-op Queen Street Solar (QSS), and Veridian Connections. QSS is ceasing operations and the Claremont system will soon be owned jointly by SolarShare, Solera, and Veridian. This system produces enough electricity to power the building on which it is located plus approximately 10 homes.

Like all of SolarShare’s installations, the Claremont installation has a 20-year Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) contract with the Ontario Government, guaranteeing a fixed purchase rate for the energy it produces. As part of the terms of the FIT contracts, co-operatives must have 50 property-owning members in the upper-tier municipality (in this case, Durham) where the installation is located. Some of the original QSS members are no longer residents of Durham so SolarShare is launching a membership drive.

If you own property in the Durham region (Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Clarington, Brock, Scugog, Whitby) please sign up as a SolarShare Accelerate member to assist us in our efforts to continue developing community solar. Please encourage any friends and/or family you have in Durham to participate as well. It’s FREE and online sign-up is easy!

For information about other SolarShare installations visit the SolarShare website

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