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This Solar Sunday Photo of the Day – farmers installing a solar powered water pump in the center of their farm in the Saptari District of Nepal – was taken by commercial photographer, videographer and adventurer Brendan Davis of Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.

The shot was taken while Brendan was working on a project for The mission of the organization is to power critical infrastructure in the developing world with affordable and reliable solar. 1.2 billion people globally lack access to electricity. In countries like Nepal, 70% of the population technically has access, but nearly 100% are susceptible to frequent power outages that often last up to 17 hours every day.

The family previously used a diesel powered pump that was inconsistent, required expensive fuel and visibly emitted pollution to the air.

Solar powered water pumps can double farmers’ income

In many regions of Nepal, agriculture is the main source of food, income, and employment. In rural areas that rely on agriculture there isn’t consistent access to electricity. And with inconsistent rain throughout the year people struggle to irrigate their farm efficiently.  People sometimes use hand pumps that can be labor intensive and time consuming. Others may also pay for expensive diesel powered pumps which can result in negative health effects from the pollution. Diesel pumps also suffer from unexpected fuel shortages that interfere with farmer’s timely irrigation.Solar Powered Water Pumps are a more efficient way of irrigating a farm.

They can enable farmers to have consistent affordable energy to distribute water across their land in a more efficient and cost effective way, resulting in an increase of crops grown each year and potentially leading to a double in one’s income.


More by Brendan Davis

“Brendan Davis is a photographer and filmmaker based in Boulder, CO. Davis graduated Ithaca College in May 2016 with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Since graduation, he has produced digital media in remote corners of the world for organizations working to solve some of the worlds greatest problems. After living almost entirely on the go for a year he decided to move to Boulder, Colorado to fuel his outdoor adventure pursuits while continuing his freelance career in media production.

Aside from Sunfarmer, Brendan has done projects for clients as diverse as Patagonia, Forbes Media, Restoring Our Watershed, People For Bikes,  Dicks Sporting Goods and Skratch Labs.”

Brendan’s website  |  Instagram  |  Linkedin

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