Solar power canopy plugs directly into your home

The new Oasis solar canopy from iSun is an easy way to bring solar energy in to your electricity options if you’re thinking of adding a carport, patio or a any shaded sitting area to your home.

The attractive gazebo type structure with roof and open sidings has flexible solar panels as its roof, and four aluminum posts as its structure.

The whole unit easily plugs into your home’s electrical system and, while it won’t generate enough power to take you off the grid, it will add to your options, especially if you have an EV that needs charging.

The company, a division of solar carport manufacturer Renewz energy, claims that the “iSun’s smart Level 2 EV Charger pumps out 32Amps per hour to quickly recharge your electric vehicle. The power to the EV Charger also comes from your electrical panel, so power is available 24/7 to recharge your car, offset by the wonderful solar power created each day.

Plenty of options

Solar canopy can be used as a patio covering

As a roof for a patio or a cabana-type addition to a swimming pool, the Oasis has internal lights and options for netting to keep out pesky insects and wireless speakers.

The whole unit can be controlled by a smartphone app that connects through a wifi adapter mounted to one of the posts.

It’s not going to revolutionize your energy bill, but as an attractive carport or outdoor structure, it looks intriguing. The cost is $10,000 $US with a special launch promotion 25% discount for the first 100 units. It may also be eligible for incentives and rebates, depending where you live.

Find out more at the iSun website

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4 thoughts on “Solar power canopy plugs directly into your home

  • March 5, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    Hi, I am a solar contractor in California and I am interested in offering this technology.

    • March 6, 2018 at 8:49 am

      Hi Jacob

      Thanks for visiting our site and for your comment.

      7minutesolar is a news and podcast site, we don’t actually have anything to do with the canopy company or any of the things we write about.

      There is a link in the article to the iSun website, but here it is

      Hope this is helpful, if not let me know.

      Jeff Butler


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