Solar panels with agriculture underneath adds new meaning to ‘solar farm’

While the emergence and growth of large scale solar farms obviously comes with many benefits, one of the problems in some countries, especially in Europe where there is little ‘open land’, is that these farms inevtiably encroach on arable land. And while emission-free energy is valuable, so is food and the land it is grown on.

The Innovation Group APV-RESOLA is developing and exploring a new form of photovoltaics technology with which the agricultural land can continue to be used for growing crops as well as for generating electricity.

Futurism reports that “it’s possible to combine both farming and energy-harvesting into one facility. Best of all, this agrophotovoltaic setup actually increases land use efficiency by up to 60 percent.”

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Image: Group APV-RESOLA
Video: Group APV-RESOLA

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