Solar Gifts for Under $50

Here’s a selection of nifty solar gifts from BioLite, the company that started out in 2008 with launch of the BioLite CampStove: a portable biomass stove that leveraged thermoelectrics to create a smokeless fire that also charged personal electronic devices.

It was obviously great for campers who were environmentally conscious and didn’t want to burn fossil fuels in their camp stove, but it also solved a basic need for people in the world’s poorest regions who need safe and reliable ways to cook, charge, and light their lives. According to BioLite, 3B people cook over smoky open fires every day.

The company’s a Parallel Innovation business model “pairs the needs of families living in energy poverty with the passions of outdoor enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of life outdoors and on the go.”

And they have some great gifts for under $50 that are a great way to get more people using solar. (Of course they also have the original BioLite Stove and dozens of other outdoors solar solutions.)

But here’s a sampling of their <$50 items. Click on the link below for full details and purchase.

Charge10 or Charge20 Solar Charger for iPads, etc., Solar MiniLite, Solar SiteLight and more.

Shop for BioLite Gifts Under $50

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