Six Canadian Natural Resource Projects That Got it Right in 2017

From The Editors of DeSmog Canada:

Being an environmental journalist at this point in history can be a bit, well, depressing. It often means bringing negative stories to light: stories about government failing to balance development with environmental protection, or about companies getting away with harmful practices, or about Indigenous peoples’ rights being set aside in the name of progress.

But it’s not all bad news out there.

And DeSmog Canada wants to celebrate those people and organizations that go out of their way to do development right — those that build their plans around meaningful consultation with Indigenous peoples, minimize environmental harms even at a cost to their business and raise the bar for their industries.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the projects we want to fist-bump this year. We’re not suggesting they’re perfect; any large extractive project comes with an environmental cost. But these are projects that rise above the rest in their efforts to minimize that cost.

  • The article lists six projects:
  • Rivers Inlet Run-of-River Hydro Project
  • ‘Namgis-Owned Land-Based Salmon Farm
  • Borden Gold
  • Kimberley’s SunMine
  • Cortes Island community forestry project
  • Valemount, B.C’s Geothermal Project

Full details on all of the project and why they were chosen can be found in the article at DeSmog Canada
Photo: SunMine solar array. Photo: City of Kimberley

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