Scientists Design Solar Cell that Captures Nearly All Energy of Solar Spectrum

Solar cells are a marvellous harnessing and use of the photoelectric and photovoltaic effects, but the full benefits of solar power has been somewhat  restrained simply by physics.

The issue is that the sun emits radiation in a vast bandwidth of wavelengths. Some of the radiation never reaches the earth, it is absorbed by the atmosphere. They can never be converted into electricity by a solar cell. But among the wavelengths that do reach the earth’s surface, we have only been able to work out how to use visible light as the trigger for generating electricity. For instance, solar cells cannot use infrared or ultaviolet light to generate electricity, and together they may make up 54% of the solar radiation that reaches the ground.

Now researchers at George Washington University may have a way to expand the wavelengths that can be used in solar panels.

Rather than interpret it with the potential of making mistakes,

Read the release from George Washington University
Photo: Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

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