Report: 2018 will be global tipping point for solar

Crown Agents (the 116 year old U.K. organization owned by not-for-profit The Crown Agents Foundation) describes itself as “a high impact social enterprise connecting private sector commercial agility with a public good ethos and transforming the future for people around the world.”

Their new report The Solar Revolution’ claims that solar power is on the cusp of delivering an energy revolution across the developing world. This revolution is being made possible by a dramatic fall in the costs of implementing solar projects coupled with massive advances in energy storage and monitoring technology.

“This report shows that advances in technology have enabled solar energy to be cheaper and more reliable than ever before,” said Fergus Drake, Chief Executive of Crown Agents. “Now we need governments, donors and the private sector to get behind solar in a bold way to reach the 1.1 billion people living without electricity today.”

Key points are:

  • 2018 will be the commercial tipping point for solar energy.
  • Without fossil fuels or grid technology, we can empower a billion people.
  • New technology and a dramatic fall in costs make off-grid solar viable in the developing world.
  • Households in developing countries would immediately save up to 80% by switching to solar technology and energy storage technology from diesel and petrol.

Read the Press Release about the report on the Crown Agents website
Read the report The Solar Revolution
Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe Mongolian family uses solar energy to power home

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