Quebec introduces carrot-stick for zero emission vehicle manufacturers

Kate Cornick writes in TechVibes:

Quebec is rolling out a new standard for zero-emission vehicles that looks to crack down on automakers and motivate them to sell carbon-neutral cars—or pay the price.

The province is the first in Canada to create a policy with the intent of fuelling the development and access to rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicle models in Quebec while cutting down on carbon emission in the province. Quebec’s ZEV standard was unveiled in late 2017 will officially come into force on January 11.

The new standard sees automakers earning credits through the sale of zero-emission (ZEV) or low-emission (LEV) vehicles to Quebec residents, with the target amount adjusted based on the size of that particular car manufacturer. The credits will begin to rack up starting with 2018 models. The rules will be applied to larger automakers—those that sell or lease more than 20,000 vehicles in Québec each year—starting in 2020.

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