Ontario launching solar rebate/incentive program

If you are an Ontario homeowner either living in an existing home or building a new one, the province of Ontario is offering incentives to install renewable energy systems. Incentives are also available for businesses with Ontario facilities.

The program is expected to be launched this summer, but you can apply now to receive full information and updates.

Incentives start at $1.00 per watt for residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and cap at 70% of the total installed system cost.

The broadstrokes are that there will be a carrots and rewards for on-grid or off-grid systems. Energy storage is also encouraged.

There are criteria and restrictions, of course. For instance, any off-grid system must be displacing diesel, which makes sense considering the whole point of the program is to reduce the province’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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There are also caps on the system itself. Residential installations have to be smaller than 10 Kw (AC) and commercial ones cannot be more than 500Kw. All systems need to be installed by registered contractors, approved by the local hydro company and clear any other required inspections

It would be impossible to list all of the criteria and guidelines here because there are just too many variables involved.

You can find more basic information here and also register to let them know you’re interested in participating. Registering requires only your name and email address.

The Fund will send a confirmation email, then at some point will get in touch with you with further details and questions about your home or business. The registration process makes it clear that your project needs to be evaluated to see if it meets the criteria for incentives and that you shouldn’t be starting anything or contracting with anyone until you receive the go ahead.

GreenON also has other information and incentives

GreenON FundThe Green Ontario Fund is a not-for-profit provincial agency that invests proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market into climate actions that help people and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use cleaner technology to power their homes and workplaces.

The fund oversees a variety of programs ranging from over-the-phone energy advice to $100 thermostat rebates to insulation and window rebates to $20,000 incentives for geothermal installations.

»» Find out more at the GreenON Fund home page

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