Ontario employers and workplaces can get up to $7,500 to install EV chargers

As part of the province of Ontario’s efforts to make it easier for people to use electric vehicles, Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca today announced the new Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program.  The program is an expansion of the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive program which has provided incentives worth approximately $2.2 million for the installation of almost 2,600 home charging stations since January 2013. Both programs are funded in part by proceeds from Ontario’s Cap and Trade carbon market.

Under the new workplace program, the province will provide 80 per cent of the capital costs – up to $7,500 per charging space – for employers, commercial building owners and managers to install level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Level 2 stations use a 240 volt system  and can fully charge a vehicle from zero charge in about four to eight hours.

Minister Del Duca said “” The electrification of transportation is happening fast, and the Ontario government is committed to building the necessary infrastructure to meet this demand.“ Minister of the Environment and Climate Change CHris Ballard added “Charging stations at workplaces will make it easier for people to choose electric vehicles and is one of the many ways we’re taking action to reduce harmful greenhouse gas pollution from transportation – the largest source of emissions in Ontario.”

There are 16,000+ electric vehicles now on the road in the Ontario serviced by 1,300 public chargers and the 2,600 home charging stations mentioned above. Greenhouse gases from Ontario’s 8 million registered cars account for more emissions than those from iron, steel, cement, and chemical industries combined.


Employers, commercial building owners and managers

Information on the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program

Applications for the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program


If you have already received the provincial rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle, you are eligible for a rebate to support the purchase of a Level 2 charging station.

More Information: Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program

Thinking of Purchasing or Leasing an electric car?
Information the Ontario Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

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