New Tesla X cruiser unveiled by OPP at Toronto AutoShow

After some rumours and Tesla teasing on the internet, Sergeant Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police unveiled a ‘fully decked out’ Tesla cruiser, an X P90-D model, at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

The video above was shared on Sgt. Schmidt’s facebook page.

The car has not been approved for front line policing. It would need to undergo testing to meet the OPP standards for a police-rated pursuit vehicle. Over to you Tesla!

An anonymous patron donated  the Tesla cruiser to the OPP to be used as part of their booth at the AutoShow. The force hopes it will also encourage the public to discuss the future of policing.

Lot of other EVs at the AutoShow

We went to the AutoShow preview yesterday, but unfortunately missed the OPP unveiling.

What struck us was that almost EVERY auto manufacturer parks a PHEV (Plug In Hybrid Vehicle) or BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) in a prominent position, and features it on their large video screens.

If you’re thinking of going electric, you should check out the EV public information section being run by electric vehicle owners from the Electric Vehicle Society.  All owners are volunteering their time and are pleased to answer your questions and share the knowledge gained from their own experiences.

Take an indoor test drive of an EV

Yes, indoor test drive, which would, of course be impossible with fossil fuel cars and their CO emissions. If you are over 21 and have a valid driver’s licence you can sign up to drive one of 9 electric vehicle models. Check out the models »» 9 Electric Cars You Can Test Drive at the Canadian AutoShow.

The Plug’nDrive organization is operating the demos. Click here to register online or sign up in person at the show.

Go to the EVolution (get it, EV-olution) area in the South building’s level 800 (lowest level) or in the North (main) building, just inside the entrance to Level 200.
See online Maps of the AutoShow
Buy AutoShow tickets

More EV news – Canadian EV sales hit 1st 1,000 monthly sales January 201

from GreenCarReports (read full article):
The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV helped the Canadian plug-in electric vehicle market to its first 1,000-unit January last month. The company sold 174 of its plug-in hybrid SUV in its first full month on sale. This represents about 30 percent of overall Outlander sales.

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