New sulfur-based battery takes on the problem of energy storage “at the terawatt scale”

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory pumps out batteries at or near $200 per kWh. The cost of coal is literally thousands of times cheaper—at $53 per megawatt hour (mWh). And considering energy produced from coal and natural gas is on-demand and won’t stop with every lull in the wind, it’s easy to understand why legacy energy sources are still fueling much of the globe’s 15-tWh-per-day energy habit.

That’s why Yet-Ming Chiang and his team at MIT’s department of Material Science and Engineering looked to sulfur as a battery base. It is readily available almost anywhere on Earth, a natural byproduct of natural gas and petroleum and, as far as energy density goes, it’s second only to water and air in terms of cost per stored charge.

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