New station can charge your EV 100 times faster

Dutch charging company Fastned has unveiled its new generation of fast charging stations. The new stations can charge electric vehicles at up to 350 kW – 100 times faster than at home.

Fastned is an intriguing company. It began with the imagination of co-founder Bart Lubbers in 2012. Watching his father continuously calculating whether he had to turn off the air conditioning in his electric car to keep enough charge to finish his journey made Lubbs realize that the attraction of a car is freedom, and that electric vehicles of the time offered anything but.

You can download ‘The Fastned Story‘ from the company’s website. It tells the tale of how he dreamed and schemed to replace the fossil fuel fill up stations on Dutch highways with EV chargers.

New Jaguar, Audi and more can take full advantage

Bart Lubbers of the Fastned story
Photos from ‘The Fastned Story’

The map on their website shows that Fastned now has a large network of charging stations, and it is all facilitated with a smartphone app and easy payment system. The goal is to expand the innovative network throughout all of Europe.

Technology group ABB, sponsors of the FormulaE racing circuit, developed the ultrafast charging technology that Fastned is using. With existing technologies charging time is tightly connected to range: less time, less range. With this new system 15 minutes of charging time can deliver 500km of driving distance.

While few cars on the road can fully take advantage of the Fastned/ABB system right now, the new generation of cars with larger battery packs will be able to realize Lubbs’ vision of EV freedom. All eyes are on the Geneva International Motor Show this week where Jaguar, Audi, Hyundai and others will show off their new second generation cars.





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