New EV sports car chassis unveiled in Vancouver

Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer Electra Meccanica took the wraps off the development chassis for its spiffy all electric two-seat roadster – the Tofino – at the Vancouver International Auto Show on March 28.

The convertible is slated for 2019 launch and is available for pre-order in five colors with a suggested retail price starting at $50,000 USD.

The Tofino has classic sports car dimensions: 153-inches long, 56-inches wide, and 49-inches tall (to the top of the roll bar). The chassis weighs a mere 175 lbs and is crafted from an aircraft composite tub structure with front and rear aluminum subframes. An aluminum cowl brace adds structural rigidity.

Regarding performance, the lithium ion battery is designed to deliver a range of up to 250 miles/400 kilometres with a top speed of 125mph/200kph and take less than 7 seconds to go from 0-60mph/100kph.

The SOLO model is built for commuting

Electro Meccanic SOLO commuter EV

They also have the all electric three-wheel SOLO commuter vehicle at the show.

The SOLO is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive-looking electric vehicles on the market, partly a result of being designed totally around the needs of a commuter. Electra Meccanica collaborated with Siemens PLM Software and MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd. to bring the vehicle from design to production in just 18 months.

As the company says on their website, 105 million of 199 million North American consumers make the drive to work and back alone in their car. EVs are the perfect transportation to be designed for the purpose with their minimal moving parts (read low upkeep) and electric motors that contribute zero greenhose gas emissions during the inevitable morning and evening traffic snags.

SOLO provides a commuter-focused range of 100m/160km with a 17.1 that charges either through 220V service (3 hours) or 110V (6 hours to full charge). It can zip in and out of traffic with acceleration of zero to 100kph in 8 seconds and has a top speed of over 130 km/hour.

It also provides creature comfort like heated seats, bluetooth stereo and rear-view camera.

Suggested retail price for the SOLO is $15,000 USD. Visit the Electra Meccanica website to Reserve or book a Test Drive.

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