Loblaws orders 25 Tesla Semis

Canadian grocer Loblaws has ordered 25 of the new Tesla Semis as part of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint 30% by 2030. In early November the company also announced the purchase of a BYD Class 8 electric vehicle.

The Tesla Semi, with a range of 800 km (500 mi), was unveiled in mid-November and will cost in the range of $150,000. It falls into the category of a Class 8 truck,  freight vehicles that weigh more than 15,000 kilograms (33,000 pounds). The category encompasses tractor-trailer rigs that form the backbone of commercial road freight. Tesla claims that the Semi can haul 36,000 kilograms (80,000 pounds).

The long range goal of Loblaws is to add 350 zero-emission vehicles and more than 2,500 trailers to their fleet. The company says ultimately their move to removing diesel from its fleet could would be akin to taking 20,000 cars from the road, reducing CO2 emission by 95,000 tonnes (105,000 US tons) of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Aside from the all electric aspect of the Semi, one of the biggest differences is that the driver will operate the vehicle from the centre, not seated on the side as with existing trucks.

The trucks are scheduled to be delivered in 2019.



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