Leonardo diCaprio invests in developing world solar

Kingo Energy brings decentralized clean energy to 60,000 off-grid homes in developing countries

Founded in 2013 in Guatemala, Kingo is now installing around 7,000 new systems each month. It made the big announcement April 26 that  that Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the company as an investor and member of its board of advisors.

“Solar power is key to a future without fossil fuels, and Kingo’s technology will help enable broad use of clean energy across the developing world,” said DiCaprio. “I am proud to invest in Kingo as they seek to eradicate energy poverty, and I look forward to serving as an advisor to the company.”

The company was started by Juan Fermín Rodriguez, Matias de Tezanos (CEO of PeopleFund), Alvaro Rodriguez, and Peter Kasprowicz. The four entrepreneurs were looking to improve human lives by providing clean, safe, off-grid electricity at a lower cost than existing alternatives like candles, kerosene, and diesel.

The goal for the future is to use solar to provide life changing electricity and the development opportunities it enables at a lower cost than the grid itself.

Smart energy is key to changing lives

Smart meters from Kingo Energy

The company is involved in both the software and hardware aspects of energy management. Smart meters and data capture and analysis are at the heart of it all. One of the keys to its success for both customers and investors is that the technology ensures complete transparency, and eliminates energy theft and loss.

Kingo ensures that the financial burden for its systems is as small as possible. Customers do not pay installation fees or maintenance costs.

Part of its operating philosophy is to integrate emerging exponential technologies like Blockchain, AI, and IoT into the mix as the means to eliminate energy poverty. Kingo aims to empower 500 million people by 2035 and create the largest clean energy user base in history.

Read more at the Kingo Energy website
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