Leading international economists demand end to fossil fuel investment

In advance of the 2017 One Climate Summit in France, more than 90 economists from 20 countries and international organizations such as the United Nations signed a declaration – Not A Penny More – calling for an immediate end to investments in new fossil fuel production and infrastructure, and encourage a dramatic increase in investments in renewable energy.

The list of signatories includes renowned economists James Kenneth Galbraith, Jeffrey Sachs, Yanis Varoufasis and professors and deans from the London School of Economics, Sorbonne, Oxford, Tufts, MIT and  Milan’s Bocconi Unversity.

The declaration is adapted from the text of the Lofoten Declaration written in August 2017 at a gathering in the Lofoten Islands of Norway of 500+ academics, analysts and activists from literally around the world. It is named after the successful action in Norway to prevent oil drilling in the seas around the islands.

Read the full Not a Penny More Declaration and list of signatories
Read the Lofoten Declaration and signatories

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