Hydrogen could cut carbon by a fifth

At the Bonn COP 23 conference the Hydrogen Council issued a roadmap for scaling up hydrogen use saying that increased use in power, transport, heat and industry could deliver around one fifth of the total carbon emissions cuts needed to limit global warming to safe levels by mid-century.

Toyota and Air Liquide helped set up and launch the global lobby in January this year to encourage industries to use hydrogen. Its 27 members also include automakers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Honda and Hyundai, and energy firms such as Shell and Total.

The report said one in 12 cars sold in California, Germany and Japan were expected to be powered by hydrogen by 2030.  Fuel cell vehicles combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity to power an electric motor, producing water as a byproduct. However, making hydrogen from fossil fuels, a common route, also produces some greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the Hydrogen Council Press Release
Download the full Hydrogen Council Report (pdf)
Image: Lexus Hydrogen powered car





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