Help this orca whale lab get solar power

OrcaLab is a small land-based whale research station on Hanson Island in British Columbia. CanSIA is the Canadian Solar Industries Association and their Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy (ELSE) program engages young Canadians and members of the solar industry in shaping a brighter energy future for Canada.

Azzam Abu-Rayash is an Emerging Leader and wants to install a solar system and wind turbine at the OrcaLab to supply green energy.

You can help make it happen by visiting Azzam’s GoFundMe page for the project. The goal is $4,000.

But before you read any more about why this project is important and worthy, take a minute to click on this live webcam, with audio, from the OrcaLab. Spoiler alert: nothing happens except you get transported to a place of serene solitude.

Take 2 minutes (or hours) to soak up this live webcam

OK, you’re back?

OrcaLab has been operating since 1970 when it was founded by Dr. Paul Spong based on the philosophy that it is possible to study the wild without interfering with lives or habitat.

A network of hydrophones, positioned around the orcas’ “core habitat” lets the lab monitor their movements all year round. Supplementing the acoustic data are visual sightings of orcas as they pass OrcaLab, and reports from land observation sites during the summer “season” as well as reports from other researchers and whale watchers who share observations and information.

OrcaLab’s work also includes vital conservation issues – preservation of orca habitat; release and rehabilitation of captive cetaceans, especially Corky; and bringing to an end the dismal era of commercial whaling.

Since 1994, OrcaLab has operated a video monitoring station on Cracroft Point in Johnstone Strait that allows the unobtrusive collection of both surface and underwater images of orcas and other ocean life.

The video above is part of a project initiated in 2002 with Japan’s NTT Data Corporation brought the everyday beauty of the orcas’ lives to the Internet via It is also part of a network of live webcams capturing nature around the world at

Azzam’s GoFundMe project will be used to cover transportation, accommodation and logistics for the OrcaLab solar/wind project. Any amount above the $4,000 will be donated to the OrcaLab for its continuing work.

Photo: skeeze/pixabay

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