Heineken, Bud, do ‘green beer’ without St. Patrick’s Day

In January 2018 the brewer of Budweiser announced that it would be using electricity from renewable sources to brew all of its U.S. beer and launched a new label indicating that U.S. Bud is brewed with 100 percent renewables.

Yesterday Heineken introduced its own renewable energy initiative ‘Drop the C’ by announcing that the company aims to grow its share of renewable thermal energy and electricity in production from the current level of 14% to 70% by 2030.

AB InBev, the parent company of Budweiser also announced last March that it would be shifting from fossil fuels by 2025 and obtaining all of its purchased electricity for brewing from renewables. The company is a member of the RE100 organization, which encourages companies to switch to 100% renewable electricity sources and issue report cards.

You can read the Heineken announcement here

Read the Budweiser announcement here

Read the AB InBev announcement here,

And see what other large corporations have pledged to go 100% renewable electricity at the RE100 site

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