Four new solar panel technologies in pictures

The newest solar panel technology was on display at Solar Power International in Las Vegas. The biggest attention getters were higher efficiencies and bifacial – but there are other technologies- cut cells, string ribbons, anti-soiling coatings, and solar tiles – that also deserve some time in the limelight.

Hantiles: solar roof tiles made by encapsulating thin, flexible thin-film solar cells into ultra-clear float glass.

12 ribbon ribbon busbar (most solar panels have 3 or 4). The round wire scatters light toward the cells more so than a wide flat bar reflects.

Half cut solar cells.’ Yes, 1/2 of a solar cell is innovation today – and the naming structure is as literal as it comes with these solar panel people.

Anti-soiling material. Thing gets dusty. We need to clean our panels. Dusty regions in the US can knock more than 10% of performance off.

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