EV sales records being set in US, up in UK and around the world

Electric cars look like they are coming in to prime time, judging by the sales results published the last few day. Sales are breaking records in the United States, up significantly in the UK and were increased 54% globally for the year, meaning that when these new sales are added to existing cars the number of EVs on the roads doubled in 2017. There are now 3 million.

electrek: Tesla 3 now the best selling mid-sized premium sedan

June 5, 2018

Sales chart showing Tesla the best selling medium sedan May 2018Last month, Tesla claimed that Model 3 was about to become the best-selling mid-size premium sedan in the US – electric or not. 

Tesla released new data during its shareholder meeting June 5 and claims that after the ramp up in Model 3 deliveries over the last month, the new electric vehicle is now the best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the US.

The Model 3 wasn’t expected to rise to the top so fast due to its limited options at the beginning and the difficult production ramp.

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Inside EVs: May another record setting month for U.S. EV sales

June 4, 2018 by Steven Loveday

Chart shows US electric vehicle sales dramatic growth 2015-2018Just shy of 25,000 electric vehicles (24,560) were sold in the United States in May 2018. This is a record for sales in May and is the fourth highest month ever for U.S. EV sales.


The Tesla Model 3 topped our chart once again with a whopping 6,250 estimated deliveries

The Toyota Prius Prime breaks its own all-time record and continues to hold the second-place position for the month and the year, with 2,924 sold.

The Chevrolet Volt grabs up the third position for May based on our estimates (1,675), however, it’s not enough to push it into the top five on the year.

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EcoWatch: There are twice as many EVs on the road now as there were this time last year

electric car being chargedMacy 30, 2018 by 

A record number of electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in 2017, more than doubling the number of EVs on the road, a report released Wednesday by the International Energy Agency (IEA) found.

The report, Global EV Outlook 2018, gave a summary of the state of EVs today and estimated their progress through 2030.

It found that more than one million EVs were sold in 2017, raising the total number of hybrid or electric cars on the road to more than three million. That’s a 54 percent increase compared to 2016’s sales, an IEA press release reported.

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Green Motion: UK hybrid and EV sales grow 36% in May

UK symbol for electric vehicle charging point“Overall, the UK new car market (electric and fossil fuel) grew by a modest 3.4 per cent in May with 192,649 new units registered. 

According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), demand for hybrid and electric cars in the UK grew by 36.1 per cent to 11,240 units in May, compared to this time last year, accounting for a record 5.8 per cent of the market. 

Plug-in hybrid cars were the biggest driver of growth, up 72.7 per cent, while hybrids rose 22.6 per cent and battery electrics grew 18.7 per cent. Registrations of petrol cars also increased, by 23.5 per cent, while diesels fell for the 14th consecutive month, down -23.6 per cent.”

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Images: Chart: Tesla, EV: Mike’s Photos/pixabay, Cars: Tesla, Toyota, Chevrolet, Volpe

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