Europe’s new ultra-fast charging stations: 100km charge in 5 minutes

An alliance of car manufacturers, energy companies others operating under the coordination of EV-charging pioneer Allego BV has opened the first station in Europe’s ‘Ultra E’ ultra-fast charging network.

The  corridor of 21 stations will run through Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, having launched late December with a station just outside Frankfurt which can charge four e-cars simultaneously with 175 kW charging.

New Ultra-E stations will be built close to motorway exits along the corridor at intervals of 150 to 200 kilometres. The next stations will be installed in Bernau am Chiemsee, Southeast Germany.

During spring of 2018, charging stations will be added and upgraded to enable up to 350 kW to be charged at two of the four connections. The facilities at the stations will be supplemented with an additional multi-standard 50kW charger. These stations enable upcoming models of long range electric cars to charge a range of 100 kilometres in five minutes.

The ultra-fast charging stations are designed to accommodate many current and future types of e-car. and are built to accommodate new long range e-cars that will be available from 2018. With these new ultra-fast chargers, the Ultra-E corridor supplements Allego’s existing European charging network of 250 charging stations of 50 kw each.

‘We are delighted to be setting a milestone for future electro-mobility in Europe with this new generation of fast chargers,’ said Allego COO Ulf Schulte. ‘Thanks to our working relationships with numerous partners we are able to support all the current charging cards and access apps, enabling anyone to charge their e-car at Allego and quickly be on their way.’

The ‘Ultra-E’ project is funded by an alliance of energy companies, vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers, a roaming platform and public institutions. Allego BV acts as coordinator for an alliance that includes Audi AG, BMW i, Renault Magna, Bayern Innovativ, Hubject, Smatrics and Verbund AG. A total budget of EUR 13 million is available for the expansion of the ‘Ultra-E’ corridor, which is part-financed by the European Union’s ‘Connecting Europe Facility’.

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