Episode 7a: Blue Sky Solar Racing prepares solar car Polaris

The 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world’s premier solar race. The 2017 edition was the 14th running of the 3,000 km competition in which solar cars race across the Australian outback  powered by nothing except the rays of the sun.

Teams from universities around the world build their own solar cars and pit them against each oother over the 7 day marathon. This is the first episode of a two part podcast in which we  visit the University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing Team and their solar car Polaris.

Listen the way that fits your schedule

You can listen to the episodes separately (they are each 7 minutes long) or listen to the combined 14 minute episode. You can find the other 7 minute episode »» here and the combined 14 minute episode »» here.

This episode – Putting Polaris Together –  details some of the unique technical aspects of the car and the second gives us a feel of what it was like to participate in the race itself. We find out from Electrical Lead Nick Cusimano and Solar Array Lead (and driver) Nasa Nguyen what it takes to put together the car’s electrical/computer system and rig everything up with solar cells and other mechanical parts purpose-made for the solar car racing community.

In the second episode – Under the Outback Sun – Nick and Nasa give us an idea of what it was like going across the continent of Australia  in this amazing race.

Be sure to check out the slideshow and video below. And if you have an opportunity, support the team’s Visionary Sponsors: Barrick Gold, Baumeier Corporation, Magellan Aerospace, AC Waterjet, Celestica, University of Toronto  Havelaar Electric Vehicle Research Centre.

Slideshow: building and racing the Polaris solar car

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Video: The Blue Sky workshop and Nasa talks about the solar cells

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