Elon Musk’s massive Australian battery just chalked up another record

Having built the world’s largest and most powerful lithium-ion battery in 60 days after a tweet that he would build it in less than 100 days or it would be free, Elon Musk is again living up to the hype as the battery is put to its first significant test.

From digitaltrends.com:

Elon Musk’s battery in South Australia made international headlines earlier this month for being the biggest of its type in the world.

And now, just weeks after being activated, the very same battery is claiming another world record for the time it took to spring into action following a power outage.

Built by Musk’s Tesla company, the lithium-ion battery has 100 megawatts of capacity and is reportedly three times larger than the next biggest battery. Paired with the Hornsdale wind farm 120 miles north of Adelaide, Australia and operated by French renewable energy provider Neoen, the battery stores excess energy created by the wind turbines and is used when the region’s power sources suffer outages.

Last week the battery bounded into action just 140 milliseconds after a power plant in the neighboring state of Victoria suffered a failure that would ordinarily have led to a lengthy power cut, the International Business Times reported. The battery fed its stored energy into the national power grid, preventing an inconvenient blackout from affecting numerous homes in nearby towns and cities.

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