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Now you can customize the look and feel of a solar installation on your roof to blend in (or artistically stand out from) your existing roof, whatever it is made of: green shingles, slate or terra cotta tiles, cedar shakes or any other material.

It’s called the SolarSkin Design Studio, from Sistine Solar. It’s an online platform that not only lets you design the look but also get real time information as you customize and alter your order.

You’ll also be offered options for recommended equipment like inverters, efficiency monitoring programs and warranty packages.

Until the recent past, solar installations were pretty well stuck in the era of Model T cars – ‘any colour you like as long as it’s black or blue.’

The square mosaics and white bus bars on your roof let everyone know you were environmentally aware, but the styling left something to be desired.

Some manufacturers like LG and Panasonic have put the white bus bar lines underneath the tiles to give a sleek shiny look and Tesla roof tiles are close to making their first deliveries.

SolarSkin designer solar panels
SolarSkin film matches the look of your home, instead of adding black and blue patches

Great looks, simplified process

But SolarSkin is an entirely different approach developed by MIT engineers that received the prestigious DOE SunShot award. It that integrates a thin film specially coated with ultra-durable graphics onto high efficiency solar panels. The technology employs “selective light filtration to simultaneously display an image and transmit sunlight to the underlying solar cells with minimal loss in efficiency.”

SolarSkin itself was launched last March, but the online design studio steps it up the proverbial notch. Aside from the aesthetics, the process is a huge advancement in convenience and pricing transparency.

Purchasing a solar installation has usually required phone calls and in-person appointments just to get an estimate. Sistine Solar hopes that more homeowners will be encouraged to switch to solar using a unique experience that makes the whole buying process easier and opens up custom aesthetic solutions.

Design and price from your phone

With the SolarSkin Design StudioTM homeowners can design and order their system from a desktop computer or mobile phone.

They simply submit their zip code (the product is currently available only in the U.S.) and an average monthly electricity bill to begin the design process and compare the cost of going solar to their current setup.

“Consumers crave tailored solutions and value transparency during the buying process,” said Ido Salama, Co-Founder and Head of Sales. “We’re excited to launch our SolarSkin Design StudioTM to offer homeowners the tools to make better-informed decisions. Solar power is incredible and we really want folks to fall in love with solar. So, we re-designed the look of the product and the feel of the buying experience.”

With a $99 refundable deposit, homeowners will receive a preliminary system design using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) mapping, a detailed panel layout, guaranteed production figures, a realistic rendering, (where suitable image is available), and guaranteed delivery within 90 days.

Find out more and see the SolarSkin Design StudioTM in action

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