Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable power since May 1 – 300+ days

The Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE), citing figures from the National Center for Energy Control said on November 17 that it was celebrating 200 days of 100% generation from renewable sources in 2017.

From GrupoICE:

To date, the country accumulates 99.62% of electricity production with its five renewable sources, the highest proportion since 1987. In addition, since May 1, we have not resorted to thermal backup to generate power.

This year, 78.26% of electricity came from water, 10.29% from wind, 10.23% from geothermal energy and 0.84% ​​from biomass and sun (see graph).

“The optimization of the matrix has allowed us to take advantage of the high availability of water. The regulatory reservoirs offer us a guarantee to maximize the use of variable sources, mainly water on the edge and wind, and in parallel to supply the contribution of geothermal energy, “explained Carlos Manuel Obregón, executive president of ICE.

In 2015, the SEN recorded 299 days of 100% renewable production, while last year the cumulative reached 271 days. This year, with six weeks to go, it has already reached 300 days.

Obregón indicated, on the other hand, that 2017 is projected as the year of greatest wind production in the history of the country. Since January, this source has contributed 1,014.82 gigawatt hours, from the 16 wind power plants located in the provinces of San José and Guanacaste. To the figure must be added the generated in December, month in which an increase in the speed of the winds is expected.

Graph: GrupoICE
Photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash


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