Chernobyl to get solar farm as part of plan to rehabilitate disaster zone

Chernobyl, Ukraine, site of the world’s most disastrous nuclear power plant accident in April 1986, is slated to be home of a 1 megawatt solar farm.

The project is  expected to be commissioned next month and is part of a plan to invest 100 million euros ($119 million) and build renewables in the radioactive exclusion zone.

From Bloomberg: The project is being developed by Ukrainian engineering firm Rodina Energy Group Ltd. and Enerparc AG, a clean-energy company based in Hamburg, Germany. It will cost about 1 million euros ($1.2 million) to build, according to Evgeny Variagin, chief executive officer of Rodina.

 “Bit by bit we want to optimize the Chernobyl zone,” Variagin said by phone. “It shouldn’t be a black hole in the middle of Ukraine. Our project is 100 meters from the reactor.”
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Photo: Dan Cristian/Pixabay
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