Can blockchain and a microgrid cure Puerto Rico’s power isses?

As of December 14, three months after Hurricane Maria, Bloomberg Business reports that 1/3 of the island is still without power.

While the Louis Berger Group has won an Army Corps of Engineers contract to supply temporary power to the islands – and they have extensive experience doing the same in other disaster areas – there will still be the long term solutions to a power grid troubled not only by natural disaster, but also economic calamity. The island’s electric utility was already $9 Billion in debt before Maria hit.

An Puerto Rican aerospace engineer, Enrique Martinea, thinks there may be a solution using a a network of solar power microgrids with Etherium, a decentralized blockchain platform that runs smart contracts, providing the transactional network for payments between systems.

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Image: Bloomberg

This Bloomberg video details the problems Puerto Rico is facing.

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