Blocking The Sun Report: 20 groups and utilities trying to slow growth of solar

The Environment America Research and Policy Center has released a comprehensive report:  Blocking the Sun: Utilities and Fossil Fuel Interests That Are Undermining American Solar Power detailing the ways in which 20 US fossil fuel back groups and utilities are trying to inhibit the spread of solar power.

From the Executive Summary:
The growth of American solar energy in the past decade has been the result of smart solar-friendly state policies like net metering and tax incentives for solar infrastructure, putting clean energy within financial reach of millions more Americans.

In 2017, utilities continue to chip away at key state policies that put rooftop solar on the map in the United States, making it harder for Americans to invest in clean energy.

This report documents 20 fossil fuel-backed groups and electric utilities running some of the nation’s most aggressive campaigns to slow the growth of solar energy in 12 states, including eight attempts to reduce net metering benefits and seven attempts to create demand charges for customers with solar power.

Read the complete Executive Summary at Environment America
Download the Full Report

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