American Solar Car Challenge Race Update

The American Solar Challenge is a competition to design, build, and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time/distance rally event. Teams compete over a 1,500-2,000 mile course between multiple cities across the country. The event has had over two decades of organized events in North America.

This year’s event starts in Omaha Nebraska on July 14 and winds up in Bend, Oregon on July 22, covering a  distance of 1,700 miles, with a route that includes portions of the famed Oregon Trail.

7minutesolar will be updating news from all of the competitors in this post each week from now until the race’s start.

If you would like the more technically-oriented updates, visit this blog by Scientific Gems


University of Michigan Solar Car Team
University of Michigan Solar Car Team
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Congratulations to our UM Solar Car teammates graduating today! Thank you for all you’ve done — we know you will go on and continue to do such great things.

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team
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MIT unveils their solar car Flux on April 26

MIT Solar Car»» facebook post

University of California Berkeley
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Bigger Car, Thicker Boards: Thank you Bay Area Circuits!
Circuit boards are an essential part of our solar car, handing all of the controls and communication between the various systems of the car. On CalSol, the electrical team is responsible for designing and programming the printed circuit boards (PCBs) required to operate the solar car. From a complex board that monitors the status of the battery to a simpler board that reads how much the brake and accelerator pedals are pressed down, each PCB reads data from sensors that it’s connected to, processes the information, and transmits it to the rest of the car. »» Read more

Iowa State University Solar Car Team
Iowa State University Solar Car Team
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April 27, facebook: Hello PrISUm Community!

The team is hard at work preparing Penumbra and the 2018 Race Crew to attend the American Solar Challenge this July. PrISUm remains one of the only teams to have attended every American Solar Challenge since its inauguration as the GM Sunrayce USA in 1990. This year’s event will traverse portions of the magnificent Oregon Trail from Omaha, Nebraska to Bend, Oregon.

We are honored and excited to represent Iowa State University as we compete this summer against some of the most established universities across the World. PrISUm’s mission to change the paradigm and inspire future generations will be our driving force at competition.

Today, we are happy to announce a new program to PrISUm called Adopt-a-Race-Crew. PrISUm is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit organization. All of the work we do is funded by our gracious partners and community. Through the Adopt-a-Race-Crew Program, you all will directly be able to support PrISUm and make this trip a reality for each and every member of our race crew.

These next couple weeks, we will be introducing each member of our crew. By visiting the website below, you will be able to contribute towards the cost associated with bringing our team to competition. We are immensely grateful for any contributions our community is able to make and when you decide to sponsor a member of the crew, you will receive a customized letter from a member of our crew talking about the experiences you directly contributed to and made possible following the competition.

»» Contribution website:

University of Illinois Solar Car

University of Waterloo Solar Car
University of Waterloo
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Our Mechanical Team has been testing the infusion layup process for our body panel. We spent months refining this process before moving onto our full scale parts. »» Read more

University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project
University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project
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This week’s Teammate of the Week is Alexander Nelson! Nelson is a UMNSVP alum and worked on some of our previous models! He also participated in ASC 2012, 2013 and WSC 2014!

To learn more about Alex’s thoughts on being a part of UMNSVP, check out our website or Facebook page!
University of Minnesota Solar Car team member

»» Facebook page

Missouri S&T Solar Car Team
Missouri S&T Solar Car Team
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Our crowdfunding campaign is in full swing! 90% of the way to $2,500! Ends May 6 – please share it with friends, family, and coworkers. Every donation helps us as we prepare for the American Solar Challenge ’18. Thank you for your continued support!
»» Contribute here

Polytechnique Montreal Solar Car Team
Polytechnique Montreal Esteban Solar Car
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Voici quelques photos pour résumer le dévoilement d’Esteban 9.

Here are some photos to summarize the unveiling of Esteban 9.

Polytechnique Montreal Esteban Solar Car
»» view all photos on facebook

University of Calgary Sola Car Team
University of Calgary Solar Car Team
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Coming soon to a theatre near you… The biggest blockbuster of the summer! The unveiling of Elysia happens on June 16! 💥 More details to come, »» watch this space!

University of Calgary Solar Car

Purdue Solar Racing
Purdue Solar Racing
In order to charge the car more efficiently during the cross-country race, our team has begun designing and constructing a charging stand to hold the car’s upper body. During rest stops, the upper body will be placed on the stand and rotated to provide more incident light on the solar cells, charging the batteries faster. »» Read more

University of Southern California Solar Car
University of Southern California Solar Car
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Our aim is to participate in the American Solar Challenge, which is one of the two premier solar car races in the world. This is a cross-country race spanning over 1700 miles. This year, the competition will cover parts of the famous Oregon Trail, starting in Omaha, NE and finishing in Bend, OR. Through this campaign we are hoping to raise $5,000 which will go directly towards funding materials and logistics for our race this coming July.
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University of Bologna Solar Car
University of Bologna
Emilia 4 è l’auto FV italiana che parteciperà all’American Solar Challenge (14-22 luglio 2018)
L’associazione sportiva Onda Solare presenta la nuova auto fotovoltaica a quattro posti “Emilia 4”, progettata per partecipare all’American Solar Challenge (ASC), competizione dedicata ai veicoli alimentati dal solare, in programma dal 14 al 22 luglio 2018 negli Stati Uniti. »» Read more (Italian)

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