9 electric cars you can test-drive at the Canadian Auto Show

One of the highlights for new energy fans at the Canadian International AutoShow, is EVolution Zone, dedicated to electric vehicles.

The AutoShow is on Metro Toronto Convention Centre from Friday February 16 – Sunday Feb. 25. (Purchase tickets)

This year, when you’re ‘in the zone’ you can test drive these electric vehicles from these major manufacturers:

  • BMW i3
  • Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Hyundai IONIQ
  • Mitsubishi 2018 Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Volvo XC90
  • Kia Soul EV
  • Toyota Prius Prime PHEV

You must be 21 years or older, and test drives run from 10:30AM to 5 PM
You can Sign Up and Drive at: Level 200 (North Building) & Level 800 (South Building)

While you’re there, you can also check out a Segway, which is essentially a 2 wheeled EV you drive standing up, or the electric Vespa scooter.

The test drives are sponsored by Toronto Hydro, FLO (the AutoShow’s official EV charging network) and the Globe and Mail. They will be administered by the North York Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre’s Plug ‘n Drive program.

Click here for more information on the EVs on the AutoShow website
Click here to purchase tickets to the show.


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