8 of these Top 10 solar panel picks are from Chinese companies

When we went through the Top residential solar panels from the 10 largest suppliers as chosen byJohn Fitzgerald Weaver on electrek we were struck by the dominance of Chinese companies in solar panel production, especially the members of the Silicon Module Super League.

To be clear on three things:

  1. We are not expressing a view on electrek’s picks, they are highly regarded experts and we have confidence that they have chosen well on the criteria they set.
  2. We are not expressing an opinion on whether the dominance of Chinese companies is a good or bad thing or analyzing why Chinese companies are so dominant, but it is obvious that they are.
  3. Because a company’s headquarters are based in a certain country, it doesn’t mean all of its solar panels are manufactured there. Still…

From electrek’s Top Ten picks:

“I tried to show a broad variety of panels from the largest manufacturers on the planet. This way you understand the types of options you have. Each of these product lines exist for a reason – much like cars: standard models to get the job done, sexy models that care about aesthetics and high-efficiency for when performance matters.”

Briefly, here are the manufacturers. The complete reviews of the actual panel models and reason for being chosen are in the electrek article:

  1. Jinko – China
  2. Trina Solar– China
  3. Canadian Solar – Canada
  4. JA Solar – China
  5. Hanwha – South Korea
  6. GCL-SI – China
  7. Longi – China
  8. Risen Energy – China
  9. SunTech – owned by Shunfeng Clean Energy – China.
  10. Yingli Green – China

In the Electrek’s Take section, other manufacturers are mentioned, three from the U.S. along with South Korea’s LG. For our 2¢ worth, the U.S. manufacturers shine on the aesthetic level. Our picks for the best looking of the residential panels are the SunPower X SeriesSolaria Power XT and Solartech Universal’s Quantum Black

From electrek: “These models from the big players aren’t always where you should be looking either! Groups like SunPower and LG – with really the two highest efficiency panels available – didn’t make the top ten, but are still quite sizable corporations. Then we’ve got the boutique shops like Solartech Universal and Solaria focusing on making the highest quality product that a craftsperson can.”

  1. SunPower: U.S.A.
  2. LG – South Korea
  3. Solartech Universal – U.S.A.
  4. Solaria – U.S.A.

For details on which particular panels and the full review of pros and cons, read more on electrek
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Photo: Trina Solar


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