10 really cool Solar Power installations in (and above) the world

Similar to our 7minutesolar Episode 4 podcast They put a solar installations where? (7 of the oddest places for solar installations) John Fitzgerald Weaver at electrek does a rundown of 10 really cool solar installations.

From the article: “Now that solar power is here, and without a doubt racing toward being a leading source of global electricity, we’ve now got some really cool, established solar power systems. Some on Earth, some above, some giant, some small. The flexibility of solar power is part of its magic.”

These are the 10 chosen – to read the intriguing stories behind each, check out the full article on electrek

The First Solar Panel
The First Practical Solar Cell
The First Solar Plant to cross the 1MW threshold – Lugo PV Station
The World’s Largest Solar Plant – Tengger Desert Solar Park
The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant – Ivanpah Solar Plant
Fluffiest Solar Park in the World – Panda Green Energy PV Park
The Best Solar System in Orbit – International Space Station
National Stadium – Taiwan’s Dragon Shaped Stadium Solar System
Vanguard 1 – the first satellite powered by a solar cell
Finholhu Villas – Solar Powered Luxury Resorts

Check out this time lapse of the construction of the Ivanpah Solar Plant

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