10 Predictions for Solar in 2018

In Greentech Media’s 10 Predictions for Rooftop Solar and Storage in 2018 Barry Cinnamon shares his predictions on the future of these technologies, including a wild card entry at #11

1. U.S. solar cell manufacturing won’t restart anytime soon
2. The panel shortage will not mitigate until the end of Q2
3. Wires will disappear from solar system monitoring
4. Dumb solar modules on residential rooftops are dead on arrival
5. Utilities will thwart behind-the-meter solar
6. “Smart home” energy monitoring systems will continue to fail
7. Energy storage system price declines will stagnate
8. Integrated packages will become more important
9. Backup power is important for consumers
10. A coming constraint for lithium

Read the full analysis and the wild card at Greentechmedia
Photo by Eric Didier on Unsplash

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